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Como é que transfiro dinheiro para o estrangeiro? Descubra o sendvalu.com

How it works - Easy money transfer with sendvalu

Send money within minutes

Whether in the evening on your sofa or on the road - via sendvalu.com you can send money securely, quickly and easily online worldwide. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week & even to the remotest places allover the world.

¿Cómo puedo enviar dinero en línea? Pruebe la transferencia de dinero rápida y fácil a través de sendvalu.

Secure payment

Payment is secure and can be made fast and hassle free by credit card (MasterCard or VISA). Our service is officially licensed and regulated by the MFSA (Malta Financial Services Authority). Just discover how it works - Easy money transfer with sendvalu is the best way to send money abroad.

Utilice los métodos de pago seguros en sendvalu.com para su transferencia de dinero al extranjero.

 Just as it's best for your receiver

Low fees & fair exchange rates - Easy money transfer with sendvalu

How would your recipient like to receive the money? Classically to a bank account, in cash at a pick-up point near him or digitally to his mobile wallet? Via sendvalu you can send money in the way that is most convenient for you and your recipient.

Cash pick-up

Send your money to a cash payout location.

Bank transfer

Transfer money to the recipient's bank account.

Mobile Money

Transfer money to your receiver's mobile phone.

Debit Card

We also offer fast money transfers to debit cards.

Home Delivery

Your recipient's money is delivered to his door.
Send money

Available where your beloved ones are


Our customers' most popular money transfer destinations:

Money transfer abroad - in a few hours with the recipient
No country found for your request

Send money – easier than ever

Simple, fast, secure: sending money via sendvalu.com only takes a few minutes and offers maximum security.

1. Sign up or log in

Create your sendvalu account in less than two minutes. Start now ...

2. Enter transfer details

Choose your destination country, the amount and your payment method.

3. Send money

Pay 100% secure and encrypted by credit card or with one of the many other secure payment methods.

Video tutorial

Video Tutorial

Can you spare 2 minutes? Watch our video!


Why sendvalu.com?

Send money, send help, send happiness:

Secure money transfer to nearly 100 countries around the globe

Significantly cheaper than standard bank transfers abroad

Fast money transfer - usually within a few hours on workdays

Personal and competent customer service in six languages - available 24/7 in English

10 Cents of each transaction are donated to humanitarian aid projects

24h online money transfer - around the clock and from anywhere in the world

Send money now

Customer reviews

Hundreds of thousands customers worldwide use our service. Why they trust us? Check our sendvalu customer reviews:

Frequently asked questions

How fast is the money transfer vía sendvalu.com?

How fast is the money transfer vía sendvalu.com?

Delivery times vary depending on the country and the method of payout - for exact times, please refer to the description text after selecting your recipient country. Please note that all delivery times indicated apply to verified senders, as sendvalu attaches great importance to compliance with the highest security standards.

From which countries can I send money with sendvalu?

From which countries can I send money with sendvalu?

You can transfer money via sendvalu.com from almost any country and continent - from Europe, Asia, Africa, Russia, South and Central America, Australia, New Zealand, the USA, Canada and many other countries and regions.

How much does it cost to transfer money with sendvalu?

How much does it cost to transfer money with sendvalu?

Sendvalu is always oriented to current real-time exchange rates, which is why we are able to offer you particularly fairly calculated fees. Fees vary by country, amount sent and withdrawal option selected, and are displayed transparently before you complete your transaction, so you and your remittee don't have to worry about hidden fees.