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Transfers to Nigeria are disabled at the time.

Unfortunately, we can not carry out transactions for Nigeria at the moment. We are working on the fact that transactions are possible again soon.

Why choose Sendvalu?


We take security seriously. We use proven security technologies to process your personal data and transfer your money.


The money is usually credited to the recipient's mobile wallet in Nigeria within minutes. The transfer to a bank account is usually done within 15-30 minutes.


When you transfer money to Nigeria via sendvalu, you benefit from extremely low fees and a good exchange rate.

How it works

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To send money from anywhere in the world, simply sign up for your free Sendvalu account. You will receive a confirmation email and can start benefiting from our services in no time.


Start your transaction with our fee calculator, so you can always keep track of the current exchange rate and service fees. The minimum transfer amount is € 25.00, or the equivalent in USD.

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As soon as the funds have been transferred, the recipient will be notified by text message to his/her mobile phone and by e-mail. Usually, payout will be made in the local currency.

Faster and significantly cheaper than regular bank transfers to Nigeria - send money via sendvalu

How long does it take to transfer money to Nigeria?

If you choose the option transfer to a bank account, your recipient usually receives the money in 15 minutes to an account at a bank in Nigeria.

Even faster is the transfer via Mobile Money: In a few minutes the money is on the Mobile Wallet of your recipient in Nigeria.

Is it cheaper to send money to Nigeria with sendvalu?

Yes, money transfer via sendvalu is up to 90% cheaper than many regular bank transfers to Nigeria, because we can offer very favorable fees and exchange rates.

From Lagos to Maiduguri - send money to almost every city and town in Nigeria

From which countries can I send money to Nigeria?

You can transfer money to Nigeria worldwide, from almost every country in the world. Of course you can transfer money from countries like USA, India, Sweden, UK and many more to Nigeria.

How can I send money to Nigeria online?

  1. Choose how the recipient should receive his money in Nigeria: as a bank transfer to an account at one of over 0 banks in Nigeria, to a Mobile Wallet or to one of over 800 cash payout locations in Nigeria.
  2. Enter your and your recipient's details easily and securely online - it only takes a few minutes.
  3. Deposit the money by credit card to send money to Nigeria. sendvalu offers you a transparent and secure service: You and the recipient will receive an e-mail when the money is ready for collection at the bank, mobile wallet or cash payout location in Nigeria. In addition, you can see the status of your transactions at any time in your customer account.
  4. Do you have any questions about your money transfer and our service? Our multilingual service team (we also offer support in French) is looking forward to your request!

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