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  • Convenient: Sending money to one of 455 cash payout locations in Cuba or to an AIS Card or AIS USD Card is so easy and straightforward.
  • Fast: We recommend the transfer to an existing AIS Debit Card - one of the most common methods of payment in Cuba. As a rule, the money is credited to the recipient's AIS Card on the same or next working day, so that you can send money at short notice that is guaranteed to arrive. By comparison, standard bank transfers to Cuba usually take several days or even weeks.
  • Decide on which AIS card you transfer money. The established blue AIS USD card can be used as payment method in many Cuban shops. In addition, this card can be used to withdraw cash in CUC at all ATMs. The green AIS USD card allows your recipients to pay in special shops with freely convertible currencies (MLC), which have been opened in Havana and other provinces of Cuba for the sale of household appliances and other items. With this card, cash in CUC can alo be withdrawn from ATMs.
  • 100% secure: thanks to safe credit card payments and the highest security standards.
  • Affordable: thanks to great realtime-exchange rates and fairly calculated, low fees.
  • Comfortable: setting up a money transfer at sendvalu takes only a few minutes.
Due to production bottlenecks it is temporarily not possible to issue new AIS cards for money transfer. Furthermore, you can easily send money to existing AIS cards or as cash payout.

    sendvalu offers you the uncomplicated transfer to both AIS cards in Cuba: to the blue AIS card in CUC and - brand new - to the green AIS card in USD. Both AIS cards give you the following advantages:

    • Money transfer to an AIS Debit Card is the fastest and smartest way to send money online to Cuba! Delivery time: Usually on the same or next business days. Please note that this time does not include the creation of a new card.
    • How can I recharge an AIS Cuba Card? So simple within a few minutes via - if your recipient already has an AIS Card.
    • If your recipient does not yet have an AIS Debit Card, you can have a free AIS Card created via sendvalu. Please note: The creation of a new AIS card can take one to three weeks. Convenient: After this AIS Card has been produced and collected, you can have all further money transfers to your recipient in Cuba booked quickly, securely and easily on this card at any time.

    What is an AIS Debit Card?

    • The AIS Card is a debit card and a very popular and common payment method in Cuba. Any citizen (age 16 and above) who lives in Cuba can request and obtain an AIS card with no cost. Yes, that's right - no cost for cardholder: AIS debit card issuing, using an recharging is totaly free of cost.
    • You can withdraw money from AIS Cards in Cuba at ATMs, at Cadecas or at the Banks of Cuba. You can also use the AIS Card to pay in stores throughout Cuba.

    What is the difference between the blue and the green AIS card?

    • The transfer to an AIS card is the fast & safe way to send money to Cuba. With both AIS cards your recipient can withdraw cash in CUC at Cuban ATMs.
    • The blue AIS card starts with the numbers 9550 and allows your family and friends in Cuba to pay in CUC in most Cuban shops.
    • The green AIS card or AIS USD card starts with the numbers 9560 and allows your money recipient to pay in freely convertible currencies (MLC) in the special shops. They opened in Havana and other provinces of Cuba for the sale of household appliances and other items.

    • We recommend cash pick-up for recipients who do not have a bank account or AIS Card in Cuba and/or non-Cubans (like tourists).
    • There are more than 455 cash pickup locations available in Cuba.
    • Cash can be collected from branches of BANDEC, Banco de Créditos y Comercio, BFI, Banco Metropolitano, BPA and many other agents - please find all payout locations in Cuba by using our Location Finder.

    Please note for transfers to Cuba

    • The data of sender and receiver cannot be identical.
    • Unfortunately, transfers from Cuba to Cuba are not possible.
    • Due to Cuban regulations, a maximum of 10,000 CUC per recipient per month is permitted.
    • Due to current political restrictions it is unfortunately prohibited in certain cases to send more than 1000 USD quarterly to Cuba. This applies to U.S. citizens or when using a US American credit card.

Secure Payment

You can pay securely and easily with Visa, Visa Electron, Maestro or MasterCard credit or debit cards. In Belgium, Germany, Italy, Austria and Spain we also offer you the simple and secure online bank transfer "Pay now." In the Netherlands, you can use the convenient iDEAL payment method. In Finland you have the possibility to use the online banking option Nordea.

  • VISA

Why choose Sendvalu?


We take security seriously. We use proven security technologies to process your personal data and transfer your money.


The money transfer to Cuba via sendvalu is much faster than the usual bank transfers to Cuba.


Sendvalu money transfer is a fast and secure service with low fees for money transfer to Cuba.

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To send money from anywhere in the world, simply sign up for your free Sendvalu account. You will receive a confirmation email and can start benefiting from our services in no time.


Start your transaction with our fee calculator, so you can always keep track of the current exchange rate and service fees. The minimum transfer amount is € 25.00, or the equivalent in USD.

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As soon as the funds have been transferred, the recipient will be notified by text message on his/her mobile phone and by e-mail. Usually, payout will be made in the local currency CUC.

Faster and much cheaper than many banks - send money to Cuba with sendvalu

How fast is online money transfer to Cuba via sendvalu?

If you choose the payout option AIS Card your recipient can usually gets the money very quickly within 1-48 hours on business days. If you choose the payout option cash pickup the money is usually ready for pickup within 3-10 business days.

Is a sendvalu money transfer to Cuba via sendvalu cheaper than at my bank?

Definitely yes! You can save up to 90% vs. many bank transfers by using sendvalu. We always try to offer the cheapest fees and tariffs for money transfer to Cuba.

From Havana to Isla de la Juventud – send money to almost every city and village in Cuba.

Can I send money from every country in the world to Cuba?

Yes, you can send money to Cuba from almost every country. For example money transfer from the USA, Peru, Costa Rica, France, Trinidad & Tobago, Colombia, Canada, UK, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Spain and many other countries to Cuba.

How to send money to Cuba?

1. Choose how your receiver should get the money: select from cash pickup, bank deposit or the fastest way: by AIS Card. When you send as cash, your recipient can collect the money from more than 455 pickup locations allover Cuba.

2. Enter your details and your recipient's details online - it just takes a few minutes!

3. Pay for the transfer by credit card - that's one of the safest ways to send money. Transparent and secure service: both you and the recipient will get notifications by email when the money is sent and received.

4. Do you have any questions? Please do not hesitate to contact our customer support team. We do speak your language - also Spanish!

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