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So you want to send money to the Colombia, what’s the best option to choose?

You just found it! Sendvalu money transfer is a fast and secure service that you can use to transfer money to Colombia secure and at a very low cost. No matter where you are in the world, you can send money online via credit card to your family, loved ones and friends back home in Colombia.

Secure, fast, cheap: Start your sendvalu money transfer to Colombia. You can send to a bank account deposit or as cash pick-up at more than 691 cash pickup locations and over 1 branches across the country.


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    • There are more than 691 cash pickup locations available in Colombia.
    • Cash is available to collect from branches of Bancolombia, Pagos Internacionales, Titán.
    • Please don't forget to enter a valid mail address for the recipient. You and the recipient will get notifications by email when the money is sent and received.
    • Delivery time: Usually, the money is available for pickup by your recipient within 24 business hours.

    • Please note: For a bank transfer to Colombia we require the recipient's correct bank account number.
    • Please enter the recipient's valid mail address. You and the recipient will get notifications by email when the money is sent and received.
    • You can make a money transfer to one of over 1 branches in the country. Transfer to Bancolombia, Banco de Bogotá, BBVA, HSBC and many more.
    • Delivery time: in general within 24 business hours.

Our partner in Colombia

Our partner More is the expert for money transfers to South America.

  • Your money transfer to Colombia will be processed diligently and efficiently.
  • Please enter a valid phone number for the recipient.
  • The amount you send will be deposited swiftly into the specified bank account.

Secure Payment

You can pay securely and easily with Visa, Visa Electron, Maestro or MasterCard credit or debit cards. In Belgium, Germany, Italy, Austria and Spain we also offer you the simple and secure online bank transfer "Pay now." In the Netherlands, you can use the convenient iDEAL payment method. In Finland you have the possibility to use the online banking option Nordea.

  • VISA

Why choose Sendvalu?

Within 24 business hours

We take security seriously. We use proven security technologies to process your personal data and transfer your money.


During Sendvalu's business hours, the beneficiary usually receives the funds within 24 hours.


Sendvalu money transfer is a fast and secure service with cheap fees and best tariffs for money transfer to Colombia.

How it works

Sign up

To send money from anywhere in the world, simply sign up for your free Sendvalu account. You will receive a confirmation email and can start benefiting from our services in no time.


Start your transaction with our fee calculator, so you can always keep track of the current exchange rate and service fees. The minimum transfer amount is € 25.00, or the equivalent in USD.

Send money

As soon as the funds have been transferred, the recipient will be notified by text message to his/her mobile phone and by e-mail. Usually, payout will be made in the local currency.

Faster and much cheaper than many banks - send money to Colombia with sendvalu

How fast is online money transfer to Colombia via sendvalu?

If you choose the payout option cash pickup your recipient can usually collect the money very quickly within 24 hours on business days at the selected pickup location in the Colombia. If you choose the payout option bank transfer the money is usually ready for pickup within 24 business hours in general.

Is a sendvalu money transfer Colombia via sendvalu cheaper than at my bank?

Definitely yes! You can save up to 90% vs. many bank transfers by using sendvalu. We always try to offer the cheapest fees and tariffs for money transfer to Colombia.

From Bogotá to Cartagena – send money to almost every city and village in Colombia.

Can I send money from every country in the world to Colombia?

Yes, you can send money to Colombia from almost every country. For example money transfer from Chile, Ecuador, Spain, Peru, Canada, USA, Colombia, Mexico, Trinidad & Tobago, Costa Rica, Germany, England and many other countries to Colombia.

How to send money to Colombia?

1. Choose how your receiver should get the money: select from cash pickup or bank deposit. When you send as cash, your recipient can collect the money from more than 691 pickup locations allover Colombia.

2. Enter your details and your recipient's details online - it just takes a few minutes!

3. Pay for the transfer by credit card - that's one of the safest ways to send money. Transparent and secure service: both you and the recipient will get notifications by email when the money is sent and received.

4. Do you have any questions? Please do not hesitate to contact our customer support team. We do speak your language - also Spanish!

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