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Social Projects by sendvalu

Every month we do something good

Every month we help a country with a social project through our partnership with the Non-Violence Project (NVP)

For every money transfer, we set aside 10ç for a good cause: inspire, motivate and engage young people against violence.

Money transfer with sendvalu improves the present, anti-violence education with NVP improves the future!

October 2015

Nonviolence, Music and Paul McCartney

Music is one of the best ways to reach young people. The Non-Violence Project (NVP) organization uses national and international models to convey messages of peace, such as Sir Paul McCartney, a symbol of one of the most successful and most popular bands ever - The Beatles. He is very close to the younger generation and works closely with the NVP Ambassador. In the photo, we see Sir Paul together with the team of NVP Mexico, a country with a lot of violence and crime. Over the past two years, NVP has educated and trained over 50,000 teachers and more than 1 million students and young people in conflict management. Thanks to your helpful donation, we are delighted to be supporting such important and effective work.

August 2015

Support for Team Mexico

The NVP team has spoken with students in many schools in Mexico and developed and implemented a program for combating youth violence. Children learn how conflicts can be resolved without violence.

June 2015

Support against violence

In the Cunduacan Williams School, parents were trained how they can protect their children from violence. The project was very successful and we are convinced that a positive contribution to a nonviolent world for children could be made.

May 2015

Help in Tanzania

Together with NVP coach, Miller Bianucci, we could support in Tanzania many children. The aim was to protect them from violence and to ensure them a better education. One child wrote at the end: "The world should stop all violence"

February 2015

The Non-Violence Project exhibition in Trafalgar Square


This month we show an image, which is worth a thousand words.

Sendvalu and NVP continue to work together, with high-visibility initiatives like this exhibition in the heart of London, to spread the awareness that we can fight against violence through education and knowledge, especially when such education and knowledge is addressed to the younger generations who will make the future of the world.

We care

sendvalu is proud to contribute to this education project with our donations.

December 2014

SENDVALU, NVP Mexico & UNAM University

Here are the facts:

Mexican youth make a little more than 38% of the homicide victims in the country over the past decade. They have not only been the victims, but also a majority of the perpetrators – a trend found throughout the whole region. It is widely accepted that daily murders, and the glorification of criminals has made violence seem normal. As a result, bullying has also become a common behavior amongst young people of Mexico.

Here is the question:

Even though other parts of the world are experiencing high levels of violence, Mexico's case attracts attention with the apparent inability of the government and its institutions to face the epidemic. So, who else can step up to the responsibility of helping solve this violence problem?

Here is our answer:

NVP Mexico and UNAM University (the largest University in Latin America) have not waited for solutions to come to them – they have created their own. With the belief that education is the key, they have been going to schools and sport clubs around the country teaching young people that there is a different way - a nonviolent way.

Three years down the track, and here are the results:

30,000 teachers and 1 million young people educated.

We are so grateful to UNAM University and SENDVALU for helping us to pursue our mission with excellence and compassion. The young people of this world whom we serve deserve nothing less.

October 2014

Social Project of the Month: teaching non-violence


This month we would like to show you a short video, with very few words to comment it.

Maybe just one thought: how different the life of some kids would be today, if they had received an education against violence when they were young.

The Non-Violence Foundation and aws24 work together for a better future for our kids, by teaching younger generations how to avoid violence in their lives.

We care

sendvalu is proud to contribute to this education project with our donations.

August 2014

Social Project of the Month: Cuba

Young people attending one of Angel’s non-violence classes


This time, this is the story of one man, but it’s a story of hope, as even one man can help to make a better world.
This man is called Angel (not his real name of course). A young Cuban immigrant in Miami and formerly a gang leader, he was sentenced to 8 years in prison for armed robbery when his wife was expecting his third child.
The Miami Chief of Police saw something in Angel, and asked the people from the Non-Violence Project to meet him. The meeting was a revelation for both sides.
After a few months, Angel was working outside the prison, on the Police responsibility, and had become the Head of Education for the Non-Violence Project: this is the person that is out on the field speaking to young people, schools and teachers, so he is one of the most important persons within a Non-Violence Project country organization.
Angel was fantastic with young people, who trusted him a lot because he knew what he was speaking about. He was still out working with the local gangs, but with a totally different message than before, and he helped greatly in reducing gang crime in Miami.

Today Angel is working for the US Federal Government, developing national education programs to spread non-violence and to manage conflicts. There is still hope for the world!

We care

sendvalu is proud to contribute to this education project with our donations.

June 2014

Social Project of the Month: Latin America


Latin America is the continent in the spotlight for June and July, with the FIFA World Cup being played in Brazil. NVP and sendvalu continue to work together in this continent, to educate young people against violence.

The latest NVP project has brought prison inmates and school children together in the same bus, with the message: "Violence ends when education begins”. This bus and the related video have generated a lot of reflection, but also some fear. Maybe no school-bus has ever carried a message this far.

We care

sendvalu is proud to contribute to this education project with our donations.

April 2014

Social Project of the Month: Uganda


For the last four years, NVP has been helping young people and young adults in Uganda, teaching them skills and opportunities to create jobs and live safer and healthier lives. One of the programs called “Pick Up Yourself” is supporting hundreds of young women in different slum areas, who struggle with poverty, violence and prostitution. Training in topics such as business opportunity identification, financial issues, book keeping, marketing, self esteem and conflict management, has helped these young women face their daily problems with renewed courage and hope. Many of them have already created their own business, thus providing a better future for themselves and for their kids.

We care

sendvalu is proud to contribute to this education project with our donations.

February 2014

Social Project of the Month: Brazil


The FIFA World Cup will be played this year in main Brazilian Cities: those same cities that have very poor districts called favelas. NVP works in the favelas in association with FIFA, teaching non-violence to youth through sport, music and art. The “futebol pela paz” (football for peace) program is running in 25 Brazilian junior football schools.

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