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Cash pickup
To 104 000 disbursement locations

Select a pickup location for your money transfer

Bank transfer
To 16 000 banks

You can transfer your money to the recipient's bank account.

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In the Dominican Republic, you can send your money directly to the recipient's home. The delivery is handled by an experienced partner company.

sendvalu is convenient, easy and secure

send money Over 104 000 locations

Over 104 000 locations available in 69 countries.

sendvalu has one of the largest online network of disbursement locations available. Send money to 104 000 disbursement locations and 16 000 banks in 69 countries.

Low-cost money transfer with your credit card

Convenient tariffs, cheaper than a local ATM

Sending money with sendvalu is less expensive than withdrawing money with your credit card at a cash machine (ATM). Go ahead and compare!

Security money transfer

Bank-grade security through advanced technology.

We are using some of the most advanced security technologies available. All information are transferred using a SSL (Secure Socket Layer) 128-bit encryption.

fast money transfer

All money transfers will be executed within 48 hours.

All money transfers are normally executed within 48 hours. If your money is still in transit after that time, you can ask us for a full refund.

Transfer money with your credit card and help others.

For each money transfer, 10 cents (€0.10) will be donated to aid projects by sendvalu.

10 cents per transaction may seem small, but will make a big difference. sendvalu donates 10 cents for every transaction to the Non-Violence Project each month. Check out our social projects of the month .

What our customers say

Manuel Tamayo sends money with credit card

Manuel Tamayo


My name is Manuel Tamayo. When I asked my friend what is the safest way to send money to Cuba, he recommended sendvalu. I called the sendvalu support as suggested by my friend. I talked to Claudia from Columbia and Laura from Switzerland and both of them were very helpful. I’m thankful for the friendly support. With sendvalu I found a safe and fast way to send money.

Juan Manuel sends money with credit card

Juan Manuel Castillo


I’m Juan Manuel Castillo. I'm using sendvalu services for more than one year to send money worldwide. I’m really satisfied with these services. Plus, they provide a high level of service and support quality.

Ruediger Drews sends money with credit card

Rüdiger Drews


I’m very pleased with the service sendvalu provides. As an IT manager, I’m glad to write a positive review about sendvalu. I like to use their service.

Wilmer Adolfo sends money with credit card

Wilmer Adolfo Obando Martinez


I made many transactions through sendvalu and think it’s an excellent service. In my opinion, sendvalu is the best way to send money over the internet. Their service is transparent and reliable. In case I have questions concerning my transactions, their support is ready to help me. Knowing my family will get the money gives me peace of mind. Thanks for offering this service and providing a safe way to send money.

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